Arab Strap

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat

On the face of it hooking up with a jazz musician and composer doesn’t look likely to help recognition-wise, and it truth it probably won’t.

Aidan Moffat and the Best-Ofs -How To Get To Heaven From Scotland

Aidan Moffat and the Best-Ofs -How To Get To Heaven From Scotland

I Can Hear Your Heart – Aidan John Moffat

"The LP consists of a series of short vignettes chronicling the nefarious actions of a Scottish twentysomething, shagging his way round a circle of predatory females and muttering excuses about his dirty John Thomas to his girlfriend..."

L. Pierre - Dip

It's an album of warmth and simplicity, made up of beautiful melodies and shimmering drones (indeed, one imagines that the Buddha Machine could have been used for parts of it)

Arab Strap, The Bent Mustache Melkweg, Kleine Zaal 02/02/06

"Middleton hardly looks up from his guitar and Moffat lurks around the stage like a vulture looking for his strategically placed beers, which he picks up in between songs and takes huge swigs from. I imagine he drinks about half the can with that sort of swig-age. "

Arab Strap -The Last Romance

I particularly like the line, “You'll soon get sick of micro-waving low fat meals for one.” Ahhhh, the perks of being in a relationship, especially one that involve girlfriends who can and do cook. Reminding me that I should really be getting dinner ready!


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