Arctic Monkeys

Submarine – Songs by Alex Turner

The tracks on Submarine, infused as they are with melancholy, weepy chords and muted delivery allow that feel of kitchen sink, small town romance are also very reminiscent of fellow Sheffield lad Richard Hawley.


Letter from Glastonbury

Unless our editor wants interviews with a bloke from 'Dirty Sanchez', or a BBC presenter then there's little reason to come here. Oh ... hang on. The Arctic Monkeys wander into the beer tent, a full day before they're headlining.



Letter from London - February 2006

"Although we're not sure if even NME readers can really believe that the Arctic Monkeys album is better than Revolver, which came in at 9th place.  Also a little bit uncertain that pound for pound it is better than the White Album (again NME readers, what are you thinking?)"

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