kelley stoltz

Kelley Stoltz, William Tyler and Beginners, Tivioli Spiegel Bar, Utrecht, 23/02/14

I will really miss the Spiegel bar. It’s a place that is chockfull of atmosphere and I will bet you all a euro now that the new venue in Utrecht won’t have anything as nice or as welcoming as this space.

Kelley Stoltz – To Dreamers

Kelley Stoltz – Circular Sounds

"Every year or so we are treated to a brilliant collection of pop songs; all warm, full of the milk of human kindness and eminently better than the competition around. You can’t help but get frustrated; this fella should be more than a cult. "

Kelley Stoltz - Below the Branches


A more eclectic collection of instruments (slide guitar, double base, maybe a washboard and a weird almost underwater synthesizer noise) usher in Birdies Singing. It's a weird number, but compelling, like a lot of the rest of the album, very reminiscent of late sixties folky/psychedelic tracks like Traffic's Berkshire Poppies.

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