Belle & Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian - Write About Love

the musical equivalent of a security blanket

God Help the Girl - God Help the Girl

You are made of sterner stuff than I if the words "side project" and "concept album" do not bring about in you an immediate case of the vapours.

The back catalogue of Belle & Sebastian part 2

Dear Catastrophe Waitress is the sound of a band who have finally realised how good they are and have just pulled out all the stops without a second thought for how other people will react

The back catalogue of Belle & Sebastian part 1

A cash reward may exist for the person finding the piece which doesn't use the words “fey” or “twee” in conjunction with the band.

B&S: Just a Modern Rock Story by Paul Whitelaw

After you've worked through yet another list of Scottish towns where the drummer once lived in/visited/heard about once the mind begins to wonder exactly when, um, there's going to be something a bit, well, meaningful?


Incendiary interview Bobby Kildea of Belle & Sebastian.

"Yeah, exactly, people read all these things into it. Ringo's the minister, if you look at all their outfits, and George is the gravedigger. People just have a bit too much time on their hands. Conspiracy theories…"

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