65 days of static

Incubate 2014 - Day 2 Friday 19/09/14

It's interesting watching people watch a Cosmic Dead gig, too. For sure there are those who participate in the band's hyperactive onstage frenzies. But there are many who seem to slip away in a trance, and sit or sway whilst staring into space.

Incendiary interview 65daysofstatic - part two

We had to prove to ourselves that we wanted to make this kind of record. It was made in a studio situation that wasn't “live”. In the past we all played together. With this one we laid it down, part by part. And you can hear the space that ensued through the recording.

Incendiary interview 65daysofstatic - part one

The whole way we live at the moment… I mean I hope we are typical of people our age. But you can't help but notice at present things like the media and politics and the environment; the whole way the upper echelons of the word works; its really scary to our generation and in some ways it seems to need fighting against, counter-defining for ourselves.

65daysofstatic - The Destruction of Small Ideas

Never boring, never forced, always coming at you from an unexpected angle, this LP leaves a lot of its competitors standing.




65daysofstatic – The Destruction of Small Ideas

65 Days of Static - One Time for All Time

"As you can see, there's a lot going on in this nervous, angry, very atmospheric music. This LP does conjour up windswept mud flats and big constantly changing skies (well, they are from Hull). "

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