Issue 111

Incendiary sit down for one last time with Tom McRae

Tour. Be as good as you can, night after night. Try your hardest. Work hard at it. Honour the fact that people are paying to come and see you. <--break- />

A farewell from Incendiary magazine 2002-2015

A farewell from Incendiary magazine: 2002-2015.

Subroutien Vera, Groningen, Rotown Rotterdam 12/9/15 - 26/9/15

Like Prometheus, Rats on Rafts are fire stealers, tricksters, concerned with conjuring up form from fire and brimstone. They are the most elemental of bands and watching them in action is like standing next to a blast furnace.

Incendiary go to Incubate - Sunday 20/9/15

On reflection I’d say that the day in Dudok was probably the closest you’d get to feeling the actual spirit that drives the real, workaday Dutch underground.

Incendiary go to Incubate - Friday 18/9/15

Incendiary go to Incubate - Thursday 17/9/15

Playing in front of a set of projections showing their trademark revolving Cannabis leaf, Toner Low got very deep into the world’s navel.

Incendiary Go to Haldern Pop 2015 - Day 2

I’m beginning to think of Haldern’s programme as a curriculum instead of just a timetable of bands.

Toro Y Moi - What For?

What For? feels like an urban record, a record that communicates at street level; replicating conversations in bars, shops or plazas.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos

Whilst  Atomos is much poppier than their last one, it also boasts a greater sense of gravitas and remove.

Vinyl Williams - Into

The record dissolve into an uber-pleasing sound, the sort of thing you imagine plays in Japanese public toilets.

Rival Consoles - Howl

Ryan West's music is like Kingsley Amis's great quote about boozing and having fun; "I want more than my fair share before anyone else has had theirs".

T. Raumschmiere - S/T

Raumschmiere's newie also captures that sense of disconnect in real time that you get when staring out on a still, clear autumn day. Brilliantly.

Incendiary Go to Haldern Pop 2015 - Day 1

Dan Deacon. Where do we begin? With the Crocodile Dundee led dance off? The bizarre tai-chi contest. The drummer? The drummer! The cat noises?

Requiem for SUB071

Someone should make a plaque when they stick the shiny new building up. ‘You probably don't know it, but this is where "greatest rock and roll bike shed in the world" was.’

Crows, St Tropez, SUB071, Leiden 21/7/15

Both bands contributed to a great night, and a lot of new people turned up and realised that there is another world outside the 3fm bubble that is actually a creative drip-feed for it.

Ein Abend Mit Kapitein Rummelsnuff, WORM, Rotterdam 8/7/15

The gig was also sort of dressing up game indulged in by two grown men whilst singing about your pals, eating, sailors, and bodybuilding.

The Ex, Fendika, WORM, Rotterdam 10/7/15

WORM had filled up nicely with a mix of Ethiopians, trendies, part time punks and Roffa dossers, existentialists, and the odd emissary from the world music chin-stroker club.

Plein Open Goes Bazart Goes Paard van Troje 25/7/15

One day, I promise, I will get bored about writing about Rats on Rafts. But not yet. Rats are unstoppable at the moment.

A Memory of Some Free Festivals - Houtfest and Park Pop 2015

Some of my Dutch pals look at me like I've just announced that I've converted to satanism when I say I love Frans Bauer.

King Ayisoba, Blue Crime, Spoelstra - AA NIght, Gebr de Nobel Leiden 26/6/15

Somehow things ended and a room full of people with a second wind ran around wondering what on earth to do next. Some night!

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