Issue 109

Autopilot - Autopilot

Overall a great one for sticking on on a lazy or hungover afternoon; and you should give it time.

Music for Drifters : Field Music at the Tyneside Cinema

From the opening scenes, it’s clear that Field Music know how to mesh the scenes in the film with appropriate music.

Frisian fun - Rats on Rafts and The Homesick - Asteriks Leeuwarden, De Lantaarn Dokkum 24/25/4/2015.

The place just explodes and I'm reminded of my younger self watching the Stone Roses or The Pale Saints when both enjoyed their brief moments of extra terrestrial illumination in the late 80s. That good, no shit Sherlock.

Frisk Frugt, Richard Dawson, Blaast, Vrooom!, Rottterdam, 18/4/2015

Using a peculiar hand motion as if blowing the song out onto his hand to inspect it, Dawson laid down the law with an incendiary set.

Record Store Day NL 2015 - Rats on Rafts, The Avonden, Pauw and The Homesick 18/4/2015

A break, more beers then Rats on Rafts. The Great and the Good were out for them; bookers, press, agents, managers, radio presenters.

Tweak Bird, Nano-Tyrannus SUB071, Leiden, 10/4/2015

Was it loud enough though? It was one of those gigs that was loud and sounded quiet, the power being held back for the odd surprising spurt of white noise.

Ryan Teague - Block Boundaries

And the record is shot through with a quiet, thoughtful take on classic minimalism. Some bits - for example the ghostly Remote Outliers - are very reminiscent of Philip Glass.

Jeff Özdemir & Friends

Jeff Özdemir & Friends is a damned good title, for that's what this compilation is, a set of Jeff Özdemir's mates, who showcase the modern urban electro-pop that has become almost ubiquitous in Germany.

De Kliko's New Video - Lere Jekkie out now

De Kliko's release new video - Lere Jekkie

zZz - Juggernaut

On this record zZz click and it's revelatory. Somehow this release feels different; it's guided by a more human, less theatrical star.

Subbacultcha Forever, OT301, Amsterdam 28/3/15

The Homesick turn the whole miserable top-down state-approved music propaganda bullshit on its head, simply by having the confidence to be themselves.

Human Billboards, Confusion, Hail: An Interview with Austin Collings

Sometimes, I’m not quite sure what the pages are in 'Myth...' They could be short stories, fractured fairytales, parables, visions or unnerving news reports or warped monologues or published scratch marks on school desks.

Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart

This record steals with ridiculous and riotous abandon, and does so brilliantly.

Rats on Rafts - Tape Hiss

Rats on Rafts are not trying to make friends, instead they’ve done the thing you always WANT a band to do and that’s do their own thing.

Death And Vanilla - To Where The Wild Things Are

Our musical present seems to be a continuous re-digestion of the sweetmeats from the past. And, as with anything, some days it's great and on others it can lead to a whole lot of bellyache.

John T Gast - Excerpts

I think this is going to be one of those LPs that start to nag away at you over time.

Guantanamo Baywatch - Darling... It's Too Late

It all sounds like the soundtrack for a mashed up hop in a school. Very, very predictable but really, really enjoyable.

Mourn - Mourn

Mourn see slackness as something to be eradicated; cut OUT. Even the song called Squirrel (about squirrels I presume) sounds like a band of teenage Visigoths having a booze up.

Moon Duo - Shadow of the Sun

Quite possibly the most inconsequential review I've had to write on this magazine. You really don't need me to say that you'll dig it if you dig their other records.

Public Service Broadcasting - The Race for Space

Good stuff, and a definite kick on. Still; I do wonder what the Orb or The Barmy Army would have done with this material.

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