Issue 108

Vlasta Popić - Kvadrat

Pop and rock is a game and it is entertainment. But it's so great to hear a band that aren't afraid of being themselves.

Dead Neanderthals - Endless Voids

It thunders and groans around the stratosphere like a lost, pissed up Jotun looking for the last bus to Blackpool.

The Ex, WOLVON, Gebr de Nobel, Leiden, 5/3/15

The gig was so good that by the end they were roared back for more. Punks? Encore? Yep. This is Leiden, anything goes.

Incendiary listen to music with Rats on Rafts

I don't think that a lot of people will understand what we've done, but you know what, this is a record that will survive, long after all the other stuff around has been forgotten. I am convinced of that.

Bruno Sanfilippo - Inside Life

Inside Life has got a devotional side to it; one that's not too far away from Popol Vuh's mid 70s output.

Le Seul Elément - Meradiam

Le Seul Elément has packed Meradiam full of expansive, Gothic washes of sound which alternate between rumbling and ramped up, proto-electro and a private kind of Heavy Metal chamber music.

Fawn Spots - From Safer Place

If ever there was a demonstration of how the same can suddenly sound different, it's From Safer Place, the debut LP by Fawn Spots.

This Other Kingdom - Telescopic

It's something I've heard a million times before but still, I have been playing this record on repeat for a day or two.

Thirty Pounds of Bone – The Taxidermist

A superb set of open-handed songs that with massive choruses and classic alt-rock arrangements that wouldn't be out of place on a Traffic LP like John Barleycorn.

Springtime at Song By Toad

Two recent releases (see below M'Lud) nod to the new wind in Toad's sails.

The Last Waltz Tour 6-12/2/15

You know what the FUCKING WORST thing in the world is? Playing a gig, packing up at 2 am and then driving back the length of the country.

Fat White Family Ekko Utrecht 8/2/15

The funniest thing about this Fat White Family gig is the power of suggestion they command. I mean it matters not if they decide to do the ironing on stage...

Incendiary interview Viet Cong

"I can go and buy a banana all year round in the winter. I mean what the fuck is all that about? French royalty in the eighteenth century couldn't get bananas as regularly as me!

Incendiary hang out with Dan Deacon

I knew immediately that I didn't want to be one of those artists who just show the back of their laptop to the audience. I never wanna do that.

A Eurovision Odyssey part 5 - The Green, Green Gas of Home

He was deranged, but not even he would consider using sarin gas rather than dry ice during his performance.

Interpol, Roundhouse, London, 7/2/15

They are one of those rare bands who undoubtedly peaked at their first record but who could never be accused of under achieving.

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