The Homesick

No Future Kids, The Homesick, SUB071, 13/6/15

Afterwards we danced to the Human League and talked about the pizza Yuko Yuko ate in Inverness. This is the stuff of dreams, of legend.

Frisian fun - Rats on Rafts and The Homesick - Asteriks Leeuwarden, De Lantaarn Dokkum 24/25/4/2015.

The place just explodes and I'm reminded of my younger self watching the Stone Roses or The Pale Saints when both enjoyed their brief moments of extra terrestrial illumination in the late 80s. That good, no shit Sherlock.

Subbacultcha Forever, OT301, Amsterdam 28/3/15

The Homesick turn the whole miserable top-down state-approved music propaganda bullshit on its head, simply by having the confidence to be themselves.

Incendiary go to Eurosonic / Noorderslag Day 2 Groningen 16/1/15

Why this craziness, have these teens been O'ding on frikandels again? No; it's drummer Erik's 18th birthday. That's why. So we celebrate in full-on, Head On style.

Incendiary hang out with Yuko Yuko and The Homesick

That is a bit of a Dokkum thing funnily enough, because we want to play with our friends rather than have a band with other people; you know, just to 'be in a band'.

The Homesick, Dog Food, V11 Rotterdam 15/11/14

As they said earlier to me over  a pre-gig pint “we’re the most provincial of the provincial”. How many bands have lyrics about their mam doing the dishes?

The Homesick - Twst yr Wrsts

This is a brilliant pop release, driven by boredom, daydreams, living in a cut n paste Dutch town, and enlivened by a sort of home-brewed sound that is inspiringly, bullishly, tinny and processed.

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