Issue 104

Sven Agaath - Simple Field Calculator

...listening to King of Heart Attacks and Senseless Trips, you suspect the big joke Sven Agaath plays on us is to make us listen to a messy, bedroom take on Richie Blackmore or Kiss.

The Homesick - Twst yr Wrsts

This is a brilliant pop release, driven by boredom, daydreams, living in a cut n paste Dutch town, and enlivened by a sort of home-brewed sound that is inspiringly, bullishly, tinny and processed.

André de Saint-Obin - Sound On Sound

But otherwise Sound on Sound  sounds as current as something by the Wanda Group or Lee Noble.

Popronde Haarlem 11/9/2014

I tell you now; if Yuko Yuko ever got managed or advised by someone from Entertainment Land here in the Netherlands, they'd be fucked. Fucked. I'm tempted to go and dig up Tony Wilson and say, "come on love, one more time."

Incendiary chew the cud with Ajay Saggar of King Champion Sounds know what; every time I walk into the stadium and I walk up the steps and I hear the crowd, and see the first blades of grass, my heart's just like... arrrgh!  And the same is like walking into a gig. I'm so fucking psyched! Because you get energy from it, you can't pay for that it's your lifeblood.

King Champion Sounds - Songs For the Golden Hour

These new King Champion Sounds tracks DO feel like night time drives round grimy urban centres, and in that are far more wide ranging and multifacetted in scope and ambition than the ones on their breezy debut LP.

Nouveau Velo - Nouveau Velo

Their ultimate gift to us is their ability to make music that pulls away at the odd loose thread in the settled pattern of Dutch life. You won't really notice it at first listen but they do.

Incubate 2014 - Day 2 Friday 19/09/14

It's interesting watching people watch a Cosmic Dead gig, too. For sure there are those who participate in the band's hyperactive onstage frenzies. But there are many who seem to slip away in a trance, and sit or sway whilst staring into space.

Incubate 2014 - Day 4 Sunday 21/09/14

This was a boatload of Dutch Long Hairs and Sonic Vandals brought together by the lads from Dead Neanderthals. Lined up in two banks of four they proceeded to question time itself by nailing their demands on the gates of the Underworld.

Incubate 2014 - Day 1 Thursday 18/09/14

Given all of this multidisciplinary jostling you can see that Holly Herndon's gigs can be some sort of well behaved battleground of the senses; something that, on this night, was made all the more compelling/confusing with her crazy visuals.

Incubate 2014 - Day 3 Saturday 20/09/14

A text from High Priest John Doran alerted us to the Ekkopelkz/Emmplekz gig in NWE Vorst. Apparently there was this mad poet mouthing off about Yul Brynner and Ronnie Corbett. "He's just called George Peppard a cunt." That sealed it.

Michał Jacaszek & Kwartludium - Catalogue des Arbres

Despite it being deserving of reams of text as to its making, you can just enjoy the utter sensuousness of Catalogue des Arbres.

Vashti Bunyan – Heartleap can pay attention and examine the miniscule joins and progressions in these songs or you can allow the whole thing to flow around you like some beautiful mist.

Beginners – September Sunburn

This is the sound of the Netherlands I half-love despite my intermittent (self-loathing) raging against it; attractive and nice, decent to the core, open with its emotions, not afraid to playfully throw back all the bluster in a poppy, fun, and ultimately practical manner.

Morton Valence - Left

Hacker’s still ploughing that punk-country furrow, dipping into a fluorescent, seagull-proof binbag of influences (CSNY, Doctors of Madness, Kinks, Velvet Underground) and showing off what he pulls out to an audience in the pub.

She Keeps Bees – Eight Houses

Eight Houses, the new LP from She Keeps Bees (aka Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant is a rough, bruising record with considerable kicks.

Johnny Sedes – Mamá Calunga

The record starts off at a fair pace and never dips; opener Carupano Canta is a total rush and looks to plays up the metropolitan feel that recording in New York has undoubtedly added to this recording.

Last Ex - Last Ex

...surely the results of a vacuum sealed experiment whereby drops of Roy Budd’s menace and Studio G’s weird electro fugginess have been left (under lab conditions, of course) to mutate into new forms of sonic matter.

Half Japanese - Overjoyed

You see, the message this new Half Japanese record, Overjoyed, (the first in many a moon) is giving out, and the way Fair approaches the subject matter in of all his songs, is positive.

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan - Uzu

Well, this record is immense. Immense, stupid, funny, baffling, annoying; the lot. I can't begin to describe it, outside of the fact it's a TRIP.

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