Issue 102

Koen Holtkamp – Motion: Connected Works

But then you’ll stick this record on and you’ll be lost, or rather, suspended like a prehistoric fly in amber, in a powerful collection of tracks that do little else but emanate an incredible sense of presence.

Incendiary interview Faris Badwan of The Horrors

I had a stop talking card I used to give to people. That usually elicited a certain response!

Go Back To the Zoo - ZOO

Amsterdam’s a bit like a patchwork quilt. A bit homely, a bit old-fashioned but reassuringly comforting and welcoming. All of which is a bit of a long-winded introduction to a band, I’ll admit.

Incendiary get serious with EMA

I wanted to put out this certain like grotesqueness that I feel is missing from a feminine representation in music or film.

The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream

TWOD have craftily created their own little sonic ballpark to play around in and Lost In The Dream shows that they’re simply getting better at it.

The Afghan Whigs - Do To The Beast

a beautiful, throbbing, tender bruise of a record

Incendiary interview Greg Dulli of The Afghan Whigs

Once the decision was made to do it. You have to be fearless. You can’t go into it like a pussy.

Hallo Venray - Show

Maybe the Henk and Melle record from a few years back gave Henk Koorn a new sense of what could be utilised in Hallo Venray. Maybe he’s just decided to show his softer side.

Herrek - AM

It’s rather that their sound is one that strips away a lot of what most people use to create pop songs. They aren’t really looking to communicate on an immediate level.

Keel Her - Keel Her

What is it about Keel Her’s debut? Well, maybe it’s the way that things are just never what they seem.

EMA - The Future's Void

Tracks such as Satellites and Cthulu are like staring at a range of mountains and seeing the thunder clouds form. Drums in the deep. It’s epic stuff, it really is.

Hauschka - Abandoned City

Throughout there’s a feeling of industriousness; the record’s like a production line; these restless, fluid, but preplanned rhythmical structures that ebb and flow through the music, almost becoming narrative threads over a number of tracks.

Amber Arcades - Amber Arcades

I wonder if ITGWO is about that bakfietsmoeder/woolly jumper /perfect teeth/artisan bread festival on a Dutch island? Hmmm.

Richard's Record Review Part Three - March 2014

Not only that, if Sacred Bones were really in charge of food an’ all that, they’d discover how to make proper, totally natural, no additive, pie chips and gravy meals that kept you slim.

Richard's Record Roundup Part Two - March 2014

In some ways the confusion they generate is akin to having a room full of blindfolded, hyperactive, Haribo-stuffed  kids who are all trying to pin the tail on the donkey.

Richard's Record Roundup - March 2014

A review in which your CUNT of a reviewer tells you that there are only 20 of these CDs (I got #7, so just like those Big Eyed Beans from Venus, there’s a limited supply) and they’re FROM SOMEONE HE VAGUELY KNOWS....

The Ex Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam, 01-03-2014

They are, in the truest sense of the word, exceptional.

And so was this whole evening.

The Ex Festival - Tivoli Utrecht, 2/3/14

I want Han Bennink to do that daft thump with his foot, or shout “yeah” every time I brew up. I want to know where to buy trousers like Han Bennink’s trousers. I’m obsessed.

The Ex Festival, Paard van Troje, Den Haag 28/2/14

Could the Paard confound Terrie’s recent comments made in the Dutch press about playing soulless new pop venues?

Sweet Release of Death and Space Siren, SUB071 Leiden, 26/02/14

What really sucks you in is the bass line which, by contrast to all the guitar shards being chucked at you by Gwen and Corno, is as smooth as velvet. Madness.

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