Mecano UnLtd and Mick Ness, Paradiso, Amsterdam 28/6/14

Incendiary may well be guessing here, but probably the last time Mick Ness and Dirk Polak were together in the Paradiso in a strictly musical capacity must have been around 1981.

MecanoUn-Ltd - Erector Set Rebuilt

In any case Dirk Polak could sing over the top of an insurance advert and make it sound as if he was discussing Camus with his mates in the pub.

Mecano UnLtd, Rotown, Rotterdam 13/4/14

No, it seems that Mecano (Un-Ltd) have come back from lord only know where, with a sort of Bismarckian determination to ensure that they are remembered, and put back on the cultural map.

Grauzone 2014

For sure there is always an element of looking back to “better times”, and there were moments during the night where I thought I was watching some part of my memory served up as a hologram.

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