Incendiary go to Eurosonic / Noorderslag Day 1 Groningen 15/1/15

Downstairs in steamy, sweaty, sleazy Kult, Apneu's goofy singer is wearing high heels and he's winking at people.

Knollen en Citroenen 2 Multiplex and SUB071, Leiden 7/6/14

Why they agreed that wearing silver costumes on stage that look utterly off their heads was a good idea - in an “extended” Cosmic Joker/ your mates dressed as Earth Wind and Fire at a New Year’s Eve Party / acid head hospital patients kinda way – is beyond me.

Apneu, Katadreuffe, WOLVON and Hunter Complex - OT301 Amsterdam 8/1/14

Katadreuffe are somehow grabbing a whole set of fractive, seemingly non-related noises and attitudes and watching them melt together in the white heat of the noise they generate.

Apneu - Hard Feelings

This LP should live in the real world of first dates and being sick after a party, and doing your smalls at the laundry, not looking to play out a role as the example of some Simmel-style deconstruction about musical spatiality and society.

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