King Champion Sounds

King Champion Sounds, Arvind Ganga, Selma Peelen, de Groote Weiver, Wormerveer 18/10/14

King Champion Sounds couldn't really fail; lined up on a stage in perfect order, they blasted out their tough, psyched-out rockasoul.

Incendiary chew the cud with Ajay Saggar of King Champion Sounds know what; every time I walk into the stadium and I walk up the steps and I hear the crowd, and see the first blades of grass, my heart's just like... arrrgh!  And the same is like walking into a gig. I'm so fucking psyched! Because you get energy from it, you can't pay for that it's your lifeblood.

King Champion Sounds - Songs For the Golden Hour

These new King Champion Sounds tracks DO feel like night time drives round grimy urban centres, and in that are far more wide ranging and multifacetted in scope and ambition than the ones on their breezy debut LP.

King Champion Sounds, Frankenberries, Beton Fraktion, CAB03, Leiden 17/10/13

In fact things started to get groovy; despite the lights being up and a lot of the audience being gauche stoner wallflowers; we noticed a fair number of groovers had started to cut some rug to good effect.

King Champion Sounds - Different Drummer

There’s this spaceyness to this record that’s up there with the best stuff Maximum Joy or Pop Group did; that loose, whirligig sound on Free-Dum Trail or Orbit Macht Frei are cases in point...

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