Issue 96

Letter from Sheffield - A Summer Roundup

All the old favourites are there: Lord Kitchener, Lord Beginner, The Mighty Terror. A particular highlight is  King Timothy’s Football Calypso where we hear which football club has the right to call themselves the best in England.

Notes from the Fireside - Summer Puddings - August 2013

This is angry and aggressive, but if I lived in Belgium I’d probably produce music like this just to convince the rest of Europe that we’re not all bureaucrats.

Incendiary go to Metropolis 7/7/13

Incendiary speak to CNdY

“It’s really about a new experience for Chinese people, whether that’s through drugs or something else – something like our music.”

British Sea Power - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, 25th June 2013

it’s obvious British Sea Power are not the band they used to be. No. They’re better than that. Far better.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Metroradio Arena, Newcastle, England, June 8th 2013

What’s the point in going to see anybody else. Ever?

Graveyard Tapes- Our Sound is Our Wound

If the sound offered by Graveyard Tapes really is ‘their wound’, then it’s an oozy, self-inflicted gash reeking of antiseptic and self-loathing. Let’s hope it doesn’t heal

PAS Musique - Abandoned Bird Egg and Kine - Meditations in April Green

Both these records are uncompromising, but neither revel in obscurity: and PAS Musique’s brilliant Abandoned Bird Egg is one record you really have to listen to.

Future Bible Heroes – Partygoing

...John Shuttleworth practising his Casio chops in Johnny Minton’s flat, the North Sea ferry act Anthony H Wilson would have booked on the spot, Soft Cell turning up as the new entertainers in Hi de Hi

Justin Walter – Lullabies and Nightmares

Suffice to say I think this release is tops, the gloopy, gluey sound is mired in a sort of ambient analogue fug, furring up the sonic arteries with a glut of wibbling synths and something called an Electronic Valve Instrument.

Sarah Neufeld – Hero Brother

Fear and Loving in Heaton Park: Part Eight - Intermission

The end seemed nigh for our intrepid reporter and yet once again he’s leaving the concert, the sense of déjà vu providing a welcome relief from the spirit-crushing ennui. Apparently this is the ideal place for Stephen to gather his thoughts before setting off into the wet grey yonder in search of the magic bus to Didsbury.

How Not to Be In a Band - Reality Bites Back

As my hero Les McQueen, former rhythm guitarist with Crème Brulée, says: ‘It's a shit business; I'm glad I'm out of it.’

Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record

This is no clever tribute record mind, or accomplished addition to an already impressive back catalogue; this is a bona fide classic.

William Basinski – Nocturnes

The opener Nocturnes – weighing in at over 40 minutes - got me through my shirts and the girlfriend’s dresses. The second track, The Trail of Tears, saw me finish off the other nicks and nacks and gave me time to put the ironing board away.

Death Row Radio – Yummy

I think this lot hail from Newcastle, a Roman city with a defined and often celebrated Northern work ethic.

Creative City Project – Hands On Universe

Even the act’s name, Creative City Project, does reek of hooking your laptop up in a coffee bar, or buying a tuna wrap and moseying down to the skateboard park.

Guided by Voices – Little English League / Glue on Bicycle

I always enjoyed the play off between Tobin Sprout and Captain Bob; Sprout’s gentle and witty Byrds/Beatles-isms doing battle with the “Roky fronts the Who” schlock that Pollard promotes.

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds – Haunted Head

This is the stuff that’s been round the block so many times it doesn’t matter anymore whether you think you’ll get brownie points for digging it or seeing it as a vital part of the zeitgeist (or some other nonsense.)

William Tyler – Impossible Truth

But regardless of who, why or how; the main thing is that Impossible Truth is one of the records of the year, one of those surprises that no-one saw coming.

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