Issue 94

Incendiary interview WOLVON in seven chapters

Also we are really stuck with them… almost literally. Cos Subroutine, when they wrote up our first press release they wrote all this stuff about our beards, and man… that’s followed us round. Stuff about our beards.

Notes from the Fireside - Stardate - April 2013

<--break- />Such is the album’s quality that, purely for coining the phrase "inform, educate and entertain", I forgive Lord Reith’s utterly spineless behaviour during the 1926 general strike.

Rodion G.A. – The Lost Tapes

Fuck me this record is unbelievably good. The mad, green-sapped beauty of this Cosmicke rumble can drive a man to drink or at least, a couple more biscuits with his brew.

Steve Mason – Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time

Take my word for it this is a classic, regardless of what side of the political and artistic spectrum you’re on.

JIMH - Mo7it Al-Mo7it

You get the feeling that there are two forces at play throughout the record, a desire to distil the absolute essence of what is so beautiful about Middle Eastern music, balanced against a willingness to completely fuck about with its structures by introducing new and alien elements.

The Revival Hour – Scorpio Little Devil

Be patient, and you should be rewarded. But it’s not a record that is going to give up its best moments lightly.

A Hawk and a Hacksaw – You Have Already Gone to The Other World

No, this record’s got its own inherent, slightly psychedelic power to it: this certainly seems to be the most complete LP in terms of outlook; (maybe the idea of basing the idea for the record round a film helped both concentrate minds and allow a new, unifying force into proceedings).

Seal of Quality – Fate Patterns

You could wonder how you are supposed to react to music as restless as Tickle Tickle and Cities Unfold, as it’s an ever moving myriad of attitudes and perspectives.

Monokino – Fake Virtue

I’ll stand by an old observation I made of them, that they are a loner’s band and as such best enjoyed in the confines of your bedroom.

Helado Negro – Invisible Life

So, we can safely predict a release that will work well in the company of a glass of red wine on a terrace, whilst idly turning the pages of the Sunday papers.

Colin Stetson – New History Warfare Vol 3: To See More Light

I suppose my essential message here is that the record is superb. It’s exhausting for sure, and I found I had to approach it incrementally, taking bits at a time.

Bernays Propoganda - Zabraneta Planeta

So, in summary it’s attractive, tough, and uncompromising music. Well worth a spin. I suspect they are dynamite live.

Dur-Dur Band – Volume 5

This record is a superb listen all round, it must be said. Of course the sardonic side of me can’t help a scintilla of sharp comment slipping through at this current trend for digging up and consuming old half-forgotten sounds from other continents.

Godspunk Volume 12

I’m guessing that Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld must have been a big hit on the Fylde coast. When Howl in the Typewriter start joining in with tracks like Derek’s Briefcase, you begin to note that this is the most psychedelic, most cinematic of Godspunks yet.

The Pheromoans - Does This Guy Stack Up?

I wonder if this is the sort of record that is looking to stir up some obscure but bug-eyed revolution: taking over a carpet warehouse or something. The songs could be hymns for a cult.

WOLVON – Folds

Subroutine have put out some remarkable records this last 18 months or so. But this is certainly one of their best. A future classic. Enervating, intelligent, multidimensional and… most of all… Good Time rock.

Retribution Gospel Choir – 3

Like some boat gently idling down a river, there’s change and movement for sure, but you won’t notice anything whilst you’re experiencing the trip. And damned fine it is too.

Dirk Serries - Microphonics XXI-XXV’s one of those records that drift in and out of your consciousness, providing a shimmering backdrop to your daily chores…

Wire - Change Becomes Us

So it’s all a matter of time, and the true mysteries of a work or an idea often reveal themselves a lot later than we think.

Dom Vito, SCMB, Drie Dieren, CAB03, Leiden 15/3/13

Things eventually got delirious, and people – shaking, giddy, laughing along didn’t want to let them go, despite the room throbbing and shaking to this crisp, unforgiving white noise.

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