East India Youth

Incendiary go to Incubate - Friday 18/9/15

De Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap Groningen 6/6/15

Watching someone pour his heart and soul out over a Thomas Dinger/Sons & Fascination backdrop does need a bit of darkness and mystery.

Incendiary go to Incubate - Tilburg - Friday 20/9/13

Finally tiring of wondering when the singer’s going to stop acting like a villain from a Buster Keaton film and “get it on” and suck the blood of a virgin, we look around. It looks like a webmaster’s conference.

East India Youth - Hostel EP

East India Youth’s real strength is being able to balance a whole hod of ideas in a very deft manner. It’s smartly tailored, urbane, soulful music, but independent and with enough teeth showing to keep the listener on their toes.

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