Issue 92

Grauzone Festival 1/2/13

In fact you could say (if you half closed your eyes, or swanned around the cinema area) that you were back at Club Zoo - albeit a far more professional one, without the bitching and the acid.

Attila the Stockbroker Patrik Fitzgerald Stinksisters Den Haag Rotterdam 14-15/2/13

Blank Generation presents: Patrik Fitzgerald (UK) & Attila the Stockbroker (UK) Den Haag and Rotterdam. Apparently Blank Generation is a "brand new platform for subversive culture" and they seem to be takling this pretty seriously, down to the last detail.

L Pierre - The Island Come True

Like that beautiful weirdness with Kim Jong Il & the transgender centre half, things suggest themselves to you and stick about in your mind. And this LP is a portal for stuff like this, if you let it be.

Danish Indians In Studentville

This will mean precisely nothing to three young men from Copenhagen, but here is one Half Man Half Biscuit fan delighted to be able to state at last that I've got a 4AD 3D CD.

Fear and Loving in Heaton Park: Part Five - Stoned Love

It’s been quite some time coming, not as long as certain albums I could mention, but at last The Stone Roses take to the stage. Well nearly. They’ll definitely play a bigger part in the next instalment.

How Not to be in a Band - Mr Bickle’s Wall

From the moment we shuffled onto the stage, like a coach-load of tourists emerging blinking into the harsh Mediterranean sun, until we fled in ignominy our act was shambolic.

My Bloody Valentine - m.b.v.

A couple of months ago in Glasgow I had the best paneer tikka I've ever eaten, but was it really better than the paneer tikka I eat all too regularly from the place five minutes from my flat?

dbh - Time Flies

...the kind of tunes you want to listen to when settled in by a roaring log fire after a good day’s hiking

Andrew Bird - Hands of Glory

We should protect him like we do cathedrals and pandas

Madness - Oui, Oui, Si, Si, Ja Ja, Da Da

destined to be the album many balding men listen to whilst cleaning their Volvo’s on the drive on a Sunday morning

Allah-Las - Allah-Las

You know, I wish the Animals had made more records

The Pure Conjecture - Courgettes

It’s a cozy, inviting, entertaining, pleasant, fun, pretty, nice listen and many more things besides. It’s canny.

Fulton Lights - Am I Right Or Am I Right

Am I Right or Am I Right isn’t an easy listen. It is, however, a fantastically rewarding one

Rats on Rafts and Vox Von Braun - de Unie Rotterdam - 25/01/13

This was a night when Rats on Rafts finally threw off any pretence of being a “leuk bandje” or a trendy/newsworthy/”controversial” act or any other of those miserable and oversimplified straightjackets that the Dutch media seem so happy to dish out to them.

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce – La Mia Africa

Musically it can be summed up as a set of dusty, “indigenous” desert grooves, acoustic for the most part, incredibly evocative and somewhat soporific music that seems to echo through the back of your mind.

Eva Petersen – Emerald Green Eyes

Eva Petersen late of Little Flames and Echo & the Bunnymen and Poltergeist’s guitarist Will Sergeant team up to make a set of torch ballads not that far away in spirit to the sort of pop that used to ring out round Woollies as you looked for an airbed.

Silver Pyre – AeXE’s a bit reverent at times, maybe sound tracking a sort of fantasy where Robert Graves meets up with Deliah Derbyshire to jam on a cold, moonlit Dorsetshire lane.

Unnatural Helpers – Land Grab

And I often wonder if writing about these types of bands is actually worthwhile. I mean what on earth is the point of saying that this is 10th-20th generation Litter?

Cemeteries – The Wilderness

It’s the sort of sound that Julie Cruise or the Blue Nile had, the sort that John Maus appropriated, a sort of Gothic bedroom synth pop

Lindstrøm – Smalhans

...there’s a distinct lack of anything too overemotional, or anything that hints at personality or message, especially in these melody lines: this record is all about laying down a groove...

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