Gudrun Gut

Gut und Irmler - 500 M

As ever with the things that Gudrun Gut is involved with, this is a patient and very sexy record.

Various - New German Ethnic Music

Stick in there, when you finally get a handle on the whole it can be an ever giving listen.

Incendiary chat to Gudrun Gut

In the 80s, Germany did not have an infrastructure for independent music, but it started. America and England were the masters of pop then. I think now you can listen to very good new music from all over the world and that’s liberating.

Gudrun Gut – Wildlife

Musically though, as ever, there’s a lot to enjoy. She’s absolutely brilliant at giving the most simple beat a resonance or weight; her current sound, for all its roots in (classic German) minimalist electro-pop is a rich and emotive one

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