Sons And Daughters

Sons and Daughters – This Gift


And who has been listening to The Monks? I recognise that holler on the up-beat shuffle of Chains. Still it’s nice to hear Gary Burger’s lot getting credit of some sort.


Incendiary Talk to Sons and Daughters

Oh… I love Chai-Ovna

Music in My Head - Paard van Troje, Den Haag 11 & 12/11/05

Singer Alec Onsworth had an awkward look on his face the whole show, but somehow it really worked, maybe he can only sing in his charmingly awkward way whilst making nervous looking faces.

Damian's Metropolis Review

Eventually somebody important did appear, you could tell they were important as they wore a body warmer (in 30 degree heat!) and had a walkie talkie strapped to their waist.

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