Issue 88

King Porter Stomp- Shuffle

Shuffle is a sincere collection of modern day moans set to immense rhythms and bigger brass; a musical happy slap to the state of current pop chart hip hop. This album you can appreciate and shuffle to, no hoodie required

Louder Than War – A Label Review

The ethos of the label seems to be striking the right balance between entertainment and intelligence: there’s no cleverness about any of these records or the bands for that matter, just honesty in the approach and directness in their message.

Paranoid Visions – Escape from the Austerity Complex

Nothing feels out of place, for all the jumble of style, sounds and attitudes it’s a focussed release and that’s got a lot to do with the way the vocals are delivered and set up. As we said before it has the feel of a cabaret, albeit with a fucking good compère.

Incubate 2012 - Part Three with Wolvon Fawn Spots British Sea Power Gul Night Out Boutros Bubba

Out there on stage it’s hot, repressively so… and given that I can only see Abi’s arm and a lot of silver foil from the fruit basket come helmet on my head, there’s not a lot I can do apart from attempting my Larry Grayson “skip” dance.

Incubate 2012 - Part Two with Roy Wilkinson Nouveau Vélo Plant Duw and Paranoid Visions

Dekka held court magnificently, a huge presence, like the carved figurehead on the prow of some ship, with the two girl singers flanking him, like harpies giving him hell as he negotiated his way through a set that spat out anger and frustration at every turn.

Incubate 2012 - Part One with Membranes Gnod Simon Reynolds and Ravage! Ravage!

I have to say from the off that this isn’t really a review of Incubate: this is a review of what happened at a venue, Café Extase, with the odd bit thrown in from elsewhere... Incendiary had teamed up with Louder than War and Smikkelbaard to curate our own conceit over the final weekend: “Cultural Cringe”

Playlist 3: A Life without Limits

Four weeks of listening to my entire library has made me realise that I’ve got so much shite in my iPod that it should be called an iPotty.

Fear and Loving in Heaton Park - Proceed with Caution

Stephen Watt’s pilgrimage to Manchester continues, and, although he almost arrives at the gig, the Stone Roses aren’t due on for five hours. What follows is simply more navel-gazing from a self-absorbed, middle-aged man, who refuses to let go of the past. Poor chap, he just wants to be adored. But, then, don’t we all?

The Riverboat Gamblers - The Wolf You Feed

exactly what you want from this kind of thing

Wintersleep - Hello Hum

a bit math-rocky but after a few songs it begins to ruffle its feathers a little and let a little light in

Dots Will Echo – Drunk Is The New Sober/Stupid Is The New Dumb

a heady mixture of bad hip hop, clumsy indie rock and absurd pop

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros – Here

You can decide amongst yourselves if this kind of clap-happy nonsense is good enough for you or not.

Neneh Cherry & The Thing - The Cherry Thing

Oh dear.

Allen Thompson Band - Salvation In The Ground

lyrics about love, loss and lost loves

Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till, Wino – Songs of Townes van Zandt

One of them, Wino, sounds a bit like Mark Lanegan. The others don’t.

Mathew E. White - Big Inner

a rather wonderful, soulful little gem of a record

Amanda Palmer - Theater Is Evil

It takes my breath away.

Boy - Mutual Friends

Mutual Friends is an album to embrace.

Bill Fay - Life Is People

Life Is People isn’t so much an album of songs but a personal hymn to one’s maker.

Beachwood Sparks - The Tarnished Gold

a sun drenched, West-coast delight of an album

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