WOLVON, Nouveau Velo, Tijger Salto, OT301 Amsterdam 4/6/14

See, WOLVON aren’t just this gonzoid bunch of Northerners whose sound reflects the fact that they wouldn’t know how to eat olives.

WOLVON - Bother EP

WOLVON are one of the most urgent and exciting things to come out of Holland in ages; if only for their upbeat “Kosmische” attitude and refusal to get caught up in the life-sapping balls of their surroundings.

WOLVON release party OT301, Amsterdam 2/5/13

See, WOLVON are not anaemic, or academic; they’re a powerful band with muscle and determination. You can have just as much fun as them in going nuts to Future Truths - the highlight on this particular night with its relentless pounding.

Incendiary interview WOLVON in seven chapters

Also we are really stuck with them… almost literally. Cos Subroutine, when they wrote up our first press release they wrote all this stuff about our beards, and man… that’s followed us round. Stuff about our beards.

WOLVON – Folds

Subroutine have put out some remarkable records this last 18 months or so. But this is certainly one of their best. A future classic. Enervating, intelligent, multidimensional and… most of all… Good Time rock.

Incubate 2012 - Part Three with Wolvon Fawn Spots British Sea Power Gul Night Out Boutros Bubba

Out there on stage it’s hot, repressively so… and given that I can only see Abi’s arm and a lot of silver foil from the fruit basket come helmet on my head, there’s not a lot I can do apart from attempting my Larry Grayson “skip” dance.

Black Van White Van - A Balkan Blitz with Wolvon and Neon Rainbows - Part 2

I realized then that he had shorted 220 volts of power from the microphone through his mouth, out of his hands, through his guitar to his amp and into the earth, for it was exactly this that was lacking in the electrical power system.

Black Van White Van - A Balkan Blitz with Wolvon and Neon Rainbows - Part 1

We couldn’t drop off our gear until half past 6 because the stage is a shooting range during the day. The venue, aptly named the Gun Club, was scattered with gun shells and the human shaped targets watch over the drummer’s back when playing.

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