Wooden Constructions

Incendiary puzzle things out with Wooden Constructions

I think our inspiration comes from completely random things, like a broken traffic light, or some drums from Burundi, or a crying yoga teacher lying naked on the floor. There’s no logic to it.

Thoughts on Popronde 2012 - Utrecht Leiden and Delft

Wooden Constructions are great and if you don’t get a grip on that concept, then the doors to the garden centres up and down this land are waiting for you, beckoning to you, happy to put a warm, schmaltzy, all-enveloping arm round you and propel you round their sensory death-spaces.

Wooden Constructions – People Now People

...make no bones about it, we at Incendiary think this is a stupendous record. Tough, sassy, incredibly consistent, and possessing the kind of strength of character and wit that is all too rare nowadays.

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