Issue 86

Incendiary have an online chat with Snorkel

I have always thought of Snorkel as some kind of organism or eco system which has it's own set of logic and rules which the musicians are engaging with.

Future of the Left - The Plot Against Common Sense

What little this album might have dropped in terms of pure adrenalin, it more than makes up for in ideas, tunes, cleverness and, sod it, fun. Which is why it’s great.

The Leg - An Eagle to Saturn

Slightly easier on the ear than their earlier efforts, but still full of piss and vinegar - this is a thoroughly great album.

Morningbell - Basso Profundo

a mixed bag of Curtis Mayfield vocals, Carlos Santana guitar solos, Mariachi band trumpets, disco bass lines and more, so much more besides

Cheek Mountain Thief- Cheek Mountain Thief

There’s a more loveable, syrupy feel to Lindsay’s own offering; but Cheek Mountain Thief aren’t worlds away from Tunng. Let’s say, approximately 1,100 miles instead, or two and a half hours if you must know.

Husky - Forever So

Newly nestled between fellow Sub Pop artists like Fleet Foxes and Iron and Wine, Husky are hardly outcasts on the label, they’re the weird kids, but I’m pretty sure they’ll get invited to more parties.

Volcano! – Piñata

Volcano! make music that is unpredictable and by all stretches of the imagination explosive; listening to the LP is most likely to leave you with a feeling of; ‘it was good but I can’t remember why’.

Playlist one: The King of Infinite Space 2012

Unfortunately, I tended to hit record. When I next played the tape, I’d discover that More Specials now comprised three minutes of a pissed bloke desperately trying to coax some life out of the old chap, followed by 17 minutes of snoring.

Incendiary lunch with Simone White

I don’t wanna be hearing someone singing words all the time on stage I want abstract and I want noise, and I realised I could do that. When I was writing I was changed by that thinking. I mean I like Throbbing Gristle and I’d say “let’s put a little gristle on the twee”

Lepel Concerts Groningen - Space Siren, Accadians, April Sweet Release of Death - 2/06/2012

Wymer from Vox Von Braun (also happily present in the room), whispers to me that “Frank’s got his guitar”. This is akin to Mercury passing on the orders of Zeus, and we are duly excited.

Primavera Sound 2012 Part 6 03/06/2012

..we just wish we could have seen more: Franz Ferdinand, Josh T Pearson, Mayhem, The Olivia Tremor Control, more of St Etienne, Wild Beasts - nowhere else does the list of what you missed because you were watching something else look quite like this.

Primavera Sound 2012 Part 5 02/06/2012

Now there are very, very few "bloke with guitar" acts I can be arsed with but there's something about Mangum; it's his phrasing, the folk-inspired intervals, the dynamics of his vocal melodies as much as the words. He is at once voice and instrument.

Primavera Sound 2012 Part 4 01/06/2012

No, it's not exactly the same, but who wouldn't like Peter Solowka back in the Wedding Present, Hugh Cornwell in The Stranglers, Jah Wobble in PiL? Sometimes you just have to get over it.

Primavera Sound 2012 Part 3 31/05/2012

Now for years I have delighted in instructing younger music fan friends in the insurmountable fact that Mudhoney were better than Nirvana. This might sound like arsey music snobbery, but in this case it's not, it's just true.

Primavera Sound 2012 Part 2 30/05/2012

God knows how, as the ID checking process is roughly akin to the border controls of a country that doesn't trust foreigners, the result being the slowest we've ever seen a sold out venue fill up.

Primavera Sound 2012 Part 1 29/05/2012

I used to shrug at those who bought Glasto tickets every year without a clue of the line-up. I guess you just have to find your festival..

SCMB + Badspeller + Shock Tapes +DebMaster + Donné et Desirée SUB071, Leiden 11/5/2012

What a strange night – some incredible highs and some frustrations it has to be said, but yet again SUB071 came up with something memorable. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a boring gig this past 5 years.

Mint Julep – Save Your Season

The most striking thing about Save Your Season, though, is its unfailing coherence. Don't spotify this one if you can help it – the ads will ruin it for you.

ESG (Emerald Sapphire, Gold) - ESG

The Primitives – Echoes & Rhymes

Once you just allow the record some space – always a problem with a set of covers, you’re mining some gold in amongst the ore. Fucking good fun, playmates.

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