Issue 85

Incubate 2012 - Louder than War and Incendiary curate V39

Hot news! Louder Than War celebrates its own label launch at Incubate and Incendiarymag celebrates being 10!

Damien Jurado - Maraqopa

This album twiddles and tweaks some of Damien Jurado’s methods, enough to excite fans without them recoiling in horror at first listen.

Tu Fawning - A Monument

If you ever need a score to accompany a zombie apocalypse, or to navigate your way out of a haunted house, Tu Fawning have created the perfect snarling, melodramatic music to accompany your escape.

Sleepy Sun - Spine Hits

Perhaps a woman’s touch should never be underestimated? Lesson learned.

Isbells - Stoalin

Like a musical self-help manual, with plonky acoustic notes and glockenspiel taps Baskin’ sounds like a Broadcast 2000 pep talk. A song wrapped in child-like simplicity and words of barefaced encouragement that ‘life is yours’. Bad moods are unwelcome here...

Rella the Woodcutter - The Golden Undertow

the school report reads can and must do better next time

Ball Rogg - Cabin Music

Now then, there’s enough farty saxophones and fannying around tooting on clarinets in here to put anybody off so if that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing then by all means continue to walk right by this little record

Conduits - Conduits

an immense, powerful and at times colossal record

Garda - A Heart Of A Pro

the whole album seems to shine out of your speakers

Hello Bear - This One Girl

If you’re looking out for a new slice of power pop/indie rock then Hello Bear will fulfill your head nodding/toe tapping foot quota easily

Fabrizio Cammarata & The Second Grace - Rooms

a dramatic, uplifting and at times overwhelming album

Daniel Land & The Modern Painters - The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us is essential listening for any foot watcher and required listening for anyone who feels the need to hole up in a darkened room with a bottle of vodka and a few old photo albums

A Tale of Two Cities – April New YX, Wolvon in Den Haag and Leiden

At one stage singer Ike was writhing on SUB’s filthy floor, eyes rolling and gob agape, howling through some form of bozo incantation, waiting to be beamed up to some guitar playing alien world where beer was permanently cold and Ash Ra Tempel played all day on the coin-op.

Letter From Sheffield - Spring 2012

At a similar time I went to see Kevin Blechdom play in The Cricketers, a pub of ill repute opposite Bramhall Lane, home of Sheffield United. Downstairs was rough and - well, just rough.

BalloonMan – Aurelia EP

It would be nice to hear them live as you get the feeling that they are fairly withdrawn on this record, determined to ensure that they records their parts just so.

Rats on Rafts and Plus Instruments - De Duyker, Hoofdorp 27/4/12 thing Truus de Groot has is presence, and an awareness of how to use the stage.

I Like Trains - The Shallows's hard not to tap one's feet as singer Dave Martin's dulcet tones, sounding at times like a cross between Nick Cave and Carry On legend Kenneth Williams

Home Taping - Side Three: Sex and Tapes and Rock ‘n’ Roll

A workmate spent years trying to enlighten his spouse, and after this extensive period of indoctrination she brought him James Blunt’s Back to Bedlam for Christmas. He snapped it in half and filed for divorce.

Incendiary interview BalloonMan

I think going to gigs has for some people just become a social event rather than a musical event that is there to provoke a bit of passion in people. I don’t know if it’s a sign of getting older or being more miserable but I’m sure when I used to go to gigs there was a real air of excitement in the room, a tension, with people so desperate for this band or artist to come out on stage.

Diagrams – Black Light

And for someone who’s been through a considerable amount of “stuff” his life Sam Genders’ LP is a remarkably accessible one.

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