Nouveau Velo

Nouveau Velo - Nouveau Velo

Their ultimate gift to us is their ability to make music that pulls away at the odd loose thread in the settled pattern of Dutch life. You won't really notice it at first listen but they do.

Nouveau Vélo - Daze

It’s ridiculous, I’m 43 and this sort of music is for nice girls who keep diaries, not me. But I want more. Now.

Incendiary interview Nouveau Vélo

The basis is friendship and the fact that we see people getting pleasure from what our friendship has produced is special to us. Friendship is the basis, the fundamental element in Nouveau Vélo. But there is a lot of separateness about us. Eenheid.

ULTRA2012 SOUTH - Eindhoven – TAC - 10/03/2012

Euphoria gripped the room – people young and old cut some rug, ran round in circles, talked incessantly about the meaning of art, stole posters and hugged and made up. An absolute triumph and TAC should be proud as punch they pulled this off, this was near legendary.

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