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The Zips and Helmettes Tour Holland in February 2012

OK a show you shouldn't miss if you're in the Hague or Amsterdam 24/25 February. The Zips and Helmettes  Here's the press release which puts it better than I can!


Standstill To Motion Tour – The triumphant return of Minny Pops


The triumphant return of Minny Pops; with lead supporting role from Rats on Rafts, ably assisted by Jack and the Beanstalks, Womb and Viv Albertine.

Echo and the Bunnymen – Paradiso, Amsterdam 21-01-2012

for many of the crowd, they are quite literally transported back a quarter of a century.

Loch Lomond – Little Me Will Start A Storm

a strange and rather beautiful concoction

Lambchop - Mister M

Exquisitely crafted, perfectly distilled and utterly fulfilling in every way.

Rocket From The Tombs – Barfly

You can meow right off

Nada Surf – The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy

Nada Surf seem to be getting better at what they do

Wooden Wand & The Briarwood Virgins - Briarwood

akin to drinking a full bottle of bourbon whiskey in about 45 minutes

Rob Crow – He Thinks He’s People

unsurprisingly, quite a schizophrenic album

Calexico - Selections from Road Atlas 1998-2011

Tex-Mex dining for the ears

PoP Campaign – Kraut Popping

At times the record does seem to hold the listener aloof, as on Schadenfreunde and Ganz Ganz Ganz Genau which do have a little of Klaus Dinger’s glacial utopian  spirit about them.

The Bats – Free All the Monsters

Toulouse Low Trax – Jeidem Fall

Indeed it’s as if we’ve just attuned our receiver back into Toulouse Trax’s little world; which has, unbeknownst to us, merely carried on doing its thing

Long Conversations – I’ll Be Drunk When You Call

Personally I think he’s at his best when he adds a bit of swagger and dumb optimism and stops trying to act twice his age.

Miss Anthropy - New Leaves

The fuzzy, gloopy atmosphere is what makes this record: it looks to slowly draw you in, by stealth and then drown your senses with its heavy-lidded sensuality.

Guided By Voices – Let’s Go Eat the Factory

I do find it a bit of a mixed bag; GBV were always a restless and slightly alien proposition, one that couldn’t really take time to worry about defining itself for eternital judgement.

Peter Broderick – Music for Confluence

This is a beautiful body of work, however fragile and regardless of the macabre commission.

Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler and The Dream EP

The thud of the drums and the clash of the guitars give these pieces an almost tribal quality, you can see them being the soundtracks to an induction ceremony of a groovy cult or some such.

Farewell Poetry – Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite

Luckily we don’t get into that minor chord work out that all too often makes records like this seem academic or worthy.

JR Plankton – Neon boasts some outrageously simple hooks and riffs, such as on the tremendous funk marathon that is Sundance - a brutal head trip very much in the spirit of Gavin Russom.

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