Minny Pops

Minny Pops - Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement

And this deluxe reissue of their first record, Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement still has the ability to shock, annoy, and surprise.

Incendiary interview Wally van Middendorp

The olive oil, the holy water, the milk in the goat’s horn are all part of a ritual to protect me and the musicians on stage from going insane, some of sort of African voodoo I don’t believe in.

Minny Pops – Waiting For This To Happen / Glistering

So old and new, continuity and change, standstill and motion. Minny Pops are still the same intriguing bag of contradictions. They play their last live gig at the Quietus / Lexington bash in London on 26th November. Don’t miss it.

ULTRA2012 NORTH - Amsterdam – Dansmakers - 12/03/2012

Covering yourself in a litre bottle of olive oil and standing stock still as this oil courses down your face and torso in front of your audience is not everyone’s way of celebrating a closure of a triumphant gig, but at the time it seemed wholly appropriate.

Standstill To Motion Tour – The triumphant return of Minny Pops


The triumphant return of Minny Pops; with lead supporting role from Rats on Rafts, ably assisted by Jack and the Beanstalks, Womb and Viv Albertine.

Minny Pops - Live at the Melkweg, 19-03-1981

That’s what we are all asked to do in this modern world: plug in, leave a message, and turn off. Minny Pops just sound-tracked and defined this feeling before most others did.

Ultranieuwe - with Minny Pops, Rats on Rafts, Spoelstra, Danny Ramirez and Gul Night Out - Roodkapje - Rotterdam 3/12/11

Wally, as if performing an act of ablution to rid his soul of the "demons" of 30 years standing,  decides to empty a whole bottle of water over himself, visibly scaring his band into believing they’re about to get fried alive.

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