Issue 81

Civil Civic - Rules

There’s something in certain tracks of Rules that scream “Big Black” at me. Again - nothing to worry about, whereas Big Black were all “nasty” and aggressive, these Civil Civic dudes are relentlessly happy.

Morton Valence - Christmas in Valence

Peter, Bjorn and John - Gimme Some

there’s enough here to get anybody’s juices flowing

The good, the mad and the tired. Three nights with Electric Soft Parade

We simply wish you’d been here to witness it.

Niobe- The Cclose Call

I could go on and on about this release but suffice to say that it’s a tremendous record and you need to give it a spin.

Mike Patton - Music From The Film And Inspired By The Book The Solitude of Prime Numbers

There’s a feeling in all of the pieces that is akin to the music in an old adventure film, when the heroes stumble on a lost valley in a remote part of the world, or are transported back to the realm of the dinosaurs

Odonis Odonis – Hollandaze

The Spits – The Spits

There’s that element of making something that is not going to be heard by millions of people and in consequence has something very appealing about it.

Thee Spivs – Black and White Memories

Wild Billy Childish and the Spartan Dregs – Forensic R ‘n’ B

If I was being polemical there’s a case to be made to hold Childish’s records up against an increasingly nervous, over-qualified and timid age.

Minny Pops - Live at the Melkweg, 19-03-1981

That’s what we are all asked to do in this modern world: plug in, leave a message, and turn off. Minny Pops just sound-tracked and defined this feeling before most others did.

Lindstrøm – Six Cups of Rebel

This LP is a daft Euro stomp, a gloss fest paying homage to Yello’s über-smooth vision: by turns Baroque on a scale only attempted by PP Rubens and as plastic and chrome-laden as any car that Sabrina drives.

Air Cav – Don’t Look Indoors

There is a groovy, raga quality to their sound, things can get spacey and tripped out, Here Be Dragons and the extended take on Alliance have something of a stripped down Bunnymen sound.

Parking Non Stop – Species Corridor

It’s a travelogue of sorts too; the record skips round Eastern and Central Europe a lot; Zero In Grimaldi’s Playing features an Austrian Duke laying down the law in no uncertain manner...

Chris Watson - El Trein Fantasma

Now and again you are hit by the rhythmic power of the sounds... El Divisadero - which comes on like a phantom of Kraftwerk’s Metal on Metal. The echo of the sleepers is also a powerful percussive element on Mexico DF, but this is on the whole an unhurried, silent and powerful recording. And very highly recommended.

Throbbing Gristle – The Second and Third Annual Reports

You realise – by virtue of being slapped in the face with the evidence - what a great, strange dance band they were

Ultranieuwe - with Minny Pops, Rats on Rafts, Spoelstra, Danny Ramirez and Gul Night Out - Roodkapje - Rotterdam 3/12/11

Wally, as if performing an act of ablution to rid his soul of the "demons" of 30 years standing,  decides to empty a whole bottle of water over himself, visibly scaring his band into believing they’re about to get fried alive.

Stalking Horse, I Like Trains – Sugar Factory, Amsterdam 30/10/11

What else? Oh yes, Voice of Reason was dedicated to the late citizen of Leeds and deejay extraordinaire Jimmy Saville, a tribute that left most Dutch people bemused

Silver Apples, G. Lucas Crane – WORM, Rotterdam 7/11/11

Silver Apples’ music has always been very trippy and loose; relying on an organic and pulsating groove. And everything got very snakey indeed after a while at Worm

City Hands, Bob Corn, Julie Mittens, The Ex - LVC, Leiden 27/10/11

The Ex are a relentless proposition, and go through a determined set of disciplines and drills that give the feeling of a relentless machine, a buzz saw or a grinder.

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