Rob St John

Rob St John / Tommy Perman - Water of Life

As ever with Rob St John’s work, there’s an incredible amount of incidental detail that eventually (if you let matters slowly gestate) seeps into enriching the whole.

Rob St John - Charcoal Black and the Bonny Grey b/w Shallow Brown

This is the way modern folk seems to be; on the move interweaving different traditions, not linked to one place or rigidly labelled as appropriate for a certain bunch of people.

Various - Pendle, 1612

It’s a quiet release overall, pretty meditative but with some beautiful tracks, which conjure up those bleak moorlands and soft valleys round Burnley and Clitheroe to a tee. It’s supremely trippy too, how could it not be?

Rob St. John & Ian Humberstone - Your Phantom Limb/ House on the Hill

A tremendous record and one to spin after a hard day’s fell walking, pint in hand.

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