Issue 80

Still Corners – Creatures of an Hour

It’s an incredibly lush sound, and really brings to mind lost eighties / nineties band The Heartthrobs.

Katzwijm Presenteert: - Dress, Katadreuffe, Zea - Next to Jaap Studios, Voorhout 15/10/11

In fact Dress, (and maybe these unprepossessing Bollenstreekers don’t know this), with their widescreen soundscapes and tales of agro-industrial pyscho/socio dramas sound very trendy indeed:

Spilt Milk – Spilt Milk and Another View

It’s unbelievable that a crabby old listener like me can fall for this sugar-coated dream stuff: but I do.

Bam Thwok – Alt.Pop

So yes, there are some fairly arch tracks here, but all is simpatico at some level: and there’s some funny stuff despite radically different approaches.

Henk and Melle – Roodnoot

There are lots of squeaks, creaks, groans and taps which allow the listener to conjure up an image of a dirty room in a backwoods, battered, wind lashed part of Twente or Friesland.

A Classic Education – Call It Blazing

To reiterate then: it’s most refreshing that this record is messy, gangly and not perfectly formed.

Three Fields – Wild Blue Yonder

This is a great EP, romantic, warm and sympathetic in its outlook.

Spirez – Isolate / Indica

Really it is, one of those records that you keep playing over and over again.

High Castle – Spirit of the West

...a righteous and focussed stomp through some “hellish” urban future when there’s no more Kanye or broadband to console you:  “we got bad news for you” indeed.

Avacate - Remixed 2006 2001

What an enjoyable listen the record is! Get this.

The Resonance Association – Heliopause

OK, let me warn you it’s long, indulgent and painstaking in its thoroughness and dedication: and not everything will be for you. But the good bits are very good indeed.

Tammar - Visits

Essentially, this band are a great example of American musical anglophilia - for once, though, the end result is neither derivative nor dull.

Up C Down C - Calaveas

… dramatic and sometimes exhilarating stuff.

Bleaklow – Sunless Country

Really enjoyable and could be meditational if they progress. Actually they could be lots of things if the band pushes harder.

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce – La Piramide di Sangue (The Blood Pyramid)

 This isn’t exactly a take on the Maqām, it’s more an impressionist film score from a Western viewpoint.

Rob St. John & Ian Humberstone - Your Phantom Limb/ House on the Hill

A tremendous record and one to spin after a hard day’s fell walking, pint in hand.

The Bent Moustache – Pastures New, Seasons Turn

The Bent Moustache is without doubt a “Trickster” band but like all Tricksters, full of cunning wit and charm. Better that you’re on their side, we say.

Space Siren and Rats on Rafts – Koornbeurs Popronde Delft 29/9/11

Then it is home on the last regular train after the usual conversations:  “see at the next gig?”, “you bet”… what is a 40 something bloke doing, getting all excited about this young stuff?

Katzwijm Presenteert: Przewalski , Svetkoff Lamps, New YX - Next to Jaap Studios, Voorhout 8/10/11

I am very well aware that after nightfall people in this region turn into werewolves. So where is the fucking venue?

Incendiary interview Eleanor Friedberger

I mean I really like the playfulness of the band, I’m totally for that, and we’re not a normal band: we don’t have a sound, we don’t sit in a room and jam like a normal band.

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