Animal Collective

Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper

But regardless of expectations or otherwise, it's a great, warm pop record, chock full of good licks and hooks and the funny squidgy little beats that keep you nodding along.

Ave Tare – Down There

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

You know; if ever there was a band who pedalled fabulous, wide-screen, straight-down-the-line Beach Boys pop, it’s Animal Collective.

Animal Collective – Melkweg, Amsterdam 10/07

The whole thing smacked of the academic, smugly artistic and the downright confused; so much so that we went early, a course of events unimaginable to us earlier in the day.

Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

The opener, Peacebone is possibly their most direct song to date. Let me break it to you gently; I can understand all the words and I can hum the tune long after it has finished.

Panda Bear - Person Pitch

It would be tempting to see this album as something of a stopgap – something to tide us over till the main event. But that would be a mistake – Person Pitch is a cracking album in its own right.

Sufjan Stevens and Animal Collective - The Paradiso, Amsterdam 27/10/05

Grass, incidentally, is Animal Collective's three-minute pop song – at least it would be if the chorus wasn't screamed.

Animal Collective - Feels

I think Animal Collective are the making some of the most interesting, challenging and brilliant music around at the moment

Animal Collective - Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished/Naïve Melodies

This music makes our dogs run out of the room

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