Issue 79

Megafaun - Megafaun

When a band releases an eponymously titled album, it’s usually a sign that they want to be taken seriously.

Rats On Rafts - The Moon Is Big

Ah, The Moon is Big.  These nine songs of grandeur and crackpot simplicity - by turns insidiously familiar yet frustratingly remote - are weighed down by their spiritual forefathers.

My Brightest Diamond - All things Will Unwind

a puckish, playful record of real charm and strength

Rats On Rafts - Kargadoor, Utrecht, 09 September 2011

All I can tell you is that I walked away from the gig wishing I had the ability and the means to follow them to Nijmegen, where they were due to play a second show that evening and then onwards and beyond. This may not have been a great gig but, my word, they’re one hell of a band.

Vox Von Braun and Olivier – Qbus, Leiden 24/09/11

The ringing choruses and beautiful counterpoints that Vox served up on these new tracks had us drooling.

Incubate Tilburg 2011 – Sunday 18/09/11

At one point Incendiary turned to John Robb, who was also present, and blurted out “it’s like Margaret Thatcher on vocals”.

Incubate Tilburg 2011 – Saturday 17/09/11

The beauty of Incubate is without doubt its impish programming. Truly, you never know what to expect.

Incubate Tilburg 2011 – Friday 16/09/11

Incendiary did wonder whether this whole song and dance act was a calculated attempt to align herself in the audience’s mind with the likes of quirky divas such as Kate Bush... If so, Austra, throw away the manual girl!

Incubate DIY Conference - Midi Theatre Tilburg 16/09/11

...the DIY conference was a nice idea, and on the whole really well presented. Incubate is strong on these things, let’s have some more of the same next year.

Letters from Paris

For those of you who would prefer something a little more unconventional, however, here are some unexpected places to drink and listen to music:

Dear Reader Idealistic Animals

You could hardly accuse this album of being formulaic

Moholy Nagy Like Mirage

There’s a lot of Cluster or Harmonia in there

Limes Tarantula and Blue Blood

There’s no real space to take stock, despite Tarantula being full of lo-fi, meandering gems

Aaron Novik Floating World Vol. 1

Dum Dum Girls Only In Dreams

In My Head and Coming Down have that feeling of songs being written because they had to and that’s the acid test for me.

Jeffrey Lewis A Turn In The Dream

Though this thought made me laugh: it would be quite something to hear him attempt to make a concept record about Dungeons and Dragons, now wouldn’t it?

Shaneolinski Getting Closer (Retaining the Soul by Numbers)

It is fair to say that Shane O Connor (the recluse who goes under the name of Shaneolinski) plays the ingénue card as often as he can

House of Rufus: The back catalogue of Rufus Wainwright - Part 2 Judy Garland, Milwaukee, Operas and more

Part 2 Judy Garland, Milwaukee, Operas and more

House of Rufus: The back catalogue of Rufus Wainwright - part 1 the studio albums

Part One: the studio albums.

Beirut – The Rip Tide

Perhaps, as this is the third long-player from the group, this is a sign of them coming of age.

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