Clock DVA / The Anti Group

Incendiary go to Incubate, Tilburg, Sunday 22/9/13

Adi’s grumbling through his vocals like Alberich the dwarf… “Ceaseless I toil”… you said it, love…

A Tribute to JG Ballard – Shackleton, T.A.G.C., Blanck Mass, Stellar OM Source, Bauer -Paradiso, Amsterdam 8/9/2012

There’s a quiet assurance in all that T.A.G.C. does that makes things sound easy, their slabs of shifting white noise, questioning textures and subtle rhythms create a feeling that you’d heard this sound before, and were just waiting to be reminded of it.

The Anti Group - Meontological Research Recording 3: Transmission From The Trans Yoggothian Broadcast Station – Qbus, Leiden 24/03/12

Afterwards the Qbus came together in a mild celebration coloured, it has to be said by a considerable outpouring of relief that such a difficult prospect had  come off so beautifully, but then there’s no substitute for great music, wherever it’s performed.

Adi Newton Presents - A Chronology of Dvation in the Melkweg Mediaroom

Indeed, what strikes you about a lot of the work on show is that, though known as an artist primarily concerned with exploring some of the most modernist aspects of making music (right through from The Future to today, by way of Human League, alliances with Throbbing Gristle and Clock DVA and TAG), his visual ideas are incredibly arcane, strikingly so.

Incendiary speak to Adi Newton of the Anti Group and Clock DVA

The music we’re doing now, oh it’s very varied, the TAG stuff we’re doing is based on a continuation of ideas we started back in 1985 to 1988, the Meontological series

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