Issue 77

Post Everything - Luke Haines

Haines, the avant-garde Arthur Scargill, is once again on the outside.

Mesrine, Heamophagus, Crowd Surfers Must Die - SUB071 Leiden 15/07/11

Lord knows what drummer shouted but it did sound slightly mental.

The War On Drugs – Slave Ambient

I can only break out in a cold sweat at the thought of what condemned meat U2 would make of this material. A potential classic.

Greie Gut Fraktion - reKonstruKtion (Baustelle)

This is a truly great record. Up there with anything by Kraftwerk, no doubting that.

Godspunk Volume 10

And what has happened to Howl in the Typewriter? One minute he’s railing against vaginal discharge and the sexual connotations that faeces could have and the next he’s ranting about Sciatica, whilst telling Lionel Richie to piss off. Oofph 

S As In Assassins – S/T

I kept thinking of an emo Dexys Midnight Runners when I first heard S As In Assassins

Static – Free From Noise

his record just wants to enfold you in its dreamy vibe

Janice Graham Band – Muder B/W Assassiner

...there’s something in their urban swagger on this release that draws a line right back to the Scuttlers

Simon Says No! – S/T

So it’s derivative. And so what it’s still a good listen.

The Bongolian – Bongos For Beatniks

Believe me the LP sounds a lot better than this review makes it sound. Good fun.

Las Kellies – Kellies

Argentina’s Las Kellies live in their own world that’s for sure.

Le Butcherettes – Sin Sin Sin

Apparently they’re a garage band from Mexico, who Omar Rodriguez Lopez (who plays bass on this LP) reckons are “the sex”.

The Masked Eldorados of the Americas - If You Are Prepared To Kill It You Can Eat It (Digi E.P)

As strange as the band’s history is, I’m not repeating it here; it involves Falmouth and animal masks but that sort of flippancy should not keep you from investigating their music.

Piano Interrupted – (S/T) EP

It’s only downside for me is that its perfection and cleverness hides a lot of potential.

The Tamborines - Black and Blue (B/W) Indian Hill

This record evokes times past for sure

Clowns – Idiot Boucing (B/W) Trousers

I'm none the wiser what trousers have to do with any of the music, but fair enough

Lil Daggers – King Corpse

Like a ten year old discovering a barrel of cider at the school disco

Khuda – Iecava

Their music is cunning, spiral, watchful... it’s a sort of surveillance music

The Antlers - Burst Apart

it’ll come into its own when you're dehydrated on a  Sunday morning with a bastard behind the eyes

Custom Blue - The Tree EP

stately, relaxed and enchanting

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