New YX

Rats on Rafts and New YX Melkweg Amsterdam 3/11/2012

Maybe that’s all they needed, a chance to play a few big stages with a good, professional sound mix and some proper amplification, as the sound they made in the Melkweg’s Oude Zaal was little short of revelatory.

Incendiary go for a drink with April and New YX

Bands seem to have a bit more lip in Holland, and not the sort of attitude that feels stereotyped or hyped, or false. They just seem more cheeky, bored of being told what a band “should” do by the apparatchiks in Hilversum, more up for having their own brand of having “a laugh and a say”.

Katzwijm Presenteert: Przewalski , Svetkoff Lamps, New YX - Next to Jaap Studios, Voorhout 8/10/11

I am very well aware that after nightfall people in this region turn into werewolves. So where is the fucking venue?

New YX – Slow Boy

...this band could if they so wished make something really powerful and interesting, no doubt

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