Issue 75

Queens of the Stone Age - S/T

Putting the Homme in homage......

Box Codax – Hellabuster

Hellabuster.......puts me in mind of what havoc an acid-soaked Beverley sisters could have managed in the British music scene back in the late 50s.

Channel In Channel Out – The Author and the Narrator

I think it’s fair to say this album is a collection of loner music, made from the margins.

World’s End Girlfriend – Seven Idiots

You are going to require a lot of energy for this record.

Alain Johanes – Spark

Alexander Tucker – Dorwytch

A fine meditative listen, Dorwytch is a great record to stick on for summer, that’s no doubt.

Obits – Moody Standard and Poor

A good record, nothing new, but it does what it sets out to do.

Austra – Feel It Break

Reservations aside, this is a fine electronic pop album that is good to get reflective to.

Bachelorette – S/T

This is a great LP, though it may take you a couple of listens to fully appreciate its subtleties.

White Hills - Hp-1

A fabulous record, overflowing with talent and vision.

Salt Licked – S/T

A synth-led duo from Perth Australia living and recording in Leiden, Holland. Beat that.

EMA – Past Life Martyred Saints

This is tough, self-reliant stuff, EMA is eager to say what’s on her mind, and not afraid of playing a role in the telling.

Deaf Wish (en nog meer bands) –SUB071, Leiden, 25/4/11

Op maandag 25 april spraken in de Sub 071 de bands Go filth Go, Nekromantiker, Econo en Deaf Wish hun verlate urbi et orbi uit. De heren (want het waren voornamelijk heren) in het aanwezige publiek hadden de gaten in oor en neus weer wat geolied en de haargrens weer wat bijgeschoren waardoor de heren punkers en de heren krakers zich weer helemaal het mannetje voelden en iedereen zich in een opperbeste (paas)stemming bevond.

Oldseed & Pino Plaza – Huiskamer concert, Jan Steen Straat Leiden 22/4/11

I’ve never seen a gig in a room with stuffed foxes before.

Bob Corn & Port of Call – Leiden International Student Common Room ,Leiden 9/5/11

We started with the ideals of Gilded Youth and end with the accumulated experience of an Older Head.

Incendiary interview EMA

Gender is strange. I hang out with boys a lot, and it’s still when I meet them on their level and they can’t figure it out whether they wanna fight me or fuck me. I take myself out of the equation.

The Dementians – Greatest Hits

It’s still a weird record, despite the many poppy hooks, and the smooth, glossy feel about the production.

Love Inks – ESP

Funny that they cover David Essex’s Rock On, too. Irony aside, they almost make a silk purse out of the proverbial sow’s ear.

Bastard Sword – Whisk It

It’s not really from a planet near us.

I’m Not a Gun - Solace

Solace is the fifth LP from John Tejada and Takeshi Nishamoto, the duo who make up I’m Not a Gun, and you can certainly hear the fact that they’re an established act

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