Issue 74

April 2011

Action Beat - SUB071, Leiden, 18/04/11 (Dutch language)

De spanning stijgt als het tl-licht uitgaat en de band losgaat. De drummachine komt op gang soms strak met 3 man sterk in dezelfde maat en soms juist niet. Toch vormt het een eenheid die niet meer is te stoppen. Dat samen met de gitaristen die hun plekjes veroveren op elkaar op de kleine vierkante meters.

Paramount Styles - Heaven's Alright

mildly distracting and totally unmemorable

The Dirtbombs - Party Store

This ain’t big and this ain’t clever but I really don’t give a toss.

All Tiny Creatures - Harbors

somehow the album gets a strong hold of you, without you ever realizing quite how it’s done it

King Creosote and Jon Hopkins – Diamond Mine

The only payoff for you the listener is that you really have to give this record your full attention. And does the modern world allow for that?

The Kills – Blood Pressures

Whatever the band is singing about has undoubtedly left its mark on their music. Outside of the tremendous growl summoned up in DNA, they don’t sound as armour-plated as previous.

Big Block 454 – Bells and Proclamations

Don’t be put off by my jocular tone in this review; this is a great LP, it’s just a bit nuts: very much in the style of fellow Northern pranksters The Witch and the Robot or Ceramic Hobs.

Broken Shoulder – Broken Shoulderr

I suppose a reference wouldn’t go amiss: musically we’re in lo-fi Tim Hecker territory, or even Earth, albeit an Earth armed solely with Casios and a bunch of pedals..

KIT & Red de Planeet – SUB071 26/3/11

I should also mention that we were treated to a mock space battle with toy guns; (for this the hirsute and unfeasibly tall drummer placed a cardboard box on his head as a kind of robot head).

Too Tangled – The Magic Got Killed

It’s an okay pop record by an act that could probably do a lot more if they tried stopping to please & used less phraseology.

Rats on Rafts – Control – Heidegger, Rotterdam 18/3/11

I lean over to my long suffering colleagues and say “this is the best fusion of 1979 and 1989 you’ll hear” I still believe it. The set can be seen as a confirmation and a revelation, depending on how often you’d seen them.

Low – C’Mon

There’s a real sureness of touch about C’Mon, which is hardly surprising I suppose…. Nothing is out of place and there’s no real rush to push the songs at the listener.

Alright the Captain – Snib

This record has all the makings of being a bloody good spacerock LP if only it let itself go, dropped its arrangements in a hedge and wildly strapped itself to a passing comet that split the ether with its playful tail.

Finglebone – 23


This lad’s work is really, really great.

Zoon van Snook – the Nutty Tree

Kitchen sink dance music: experimental, grubby and not quite polished enough to be merely acceptable.

Roy Santiago – The Great Pretender

I’m guessing that his dad likes Jonathan Richman and lots of stuff like Joe Jackson or Beach Boys: in essence sunny and honest, open-hearted pop.

Gareth Liddiard - Strange Tourist

I am reminded of the words of one critic upon reviewing Joseph Heller's maddeningly magnificent mind-fuck of a novel, Catch-22. In what was intended as an insult but to me feels like an affirmation of Heller's approach the comment was made that it seemed "not so much written as shouted onto a page".

Moon Duo – Mazes

Fabulous, re-affirmative stuff and should be the sound of your summer.

The Dakota Suite – The Hearts of Empty

This is a hell of a record: once you allow its subtleties to creep up on you, you will be addicted, mark my words.

Incendiary interview Oldseed

The rule in Europe is that you finish your drink BEFORE you go into a bar.  In N.A. it's the other way around.  I am always amazed that such a simple change in thinking can have such a profound effect on the people you meet.

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