Brakes – Rock is Dodelijk

...this, their live LP, is an absolute belter, and one that captures the band in their purest, most undiluted form. Simply put, if you are to own one Brakes LP, then this is the one.

Brakes, Bitterzoet Amsterdam 09/05/09

...proof yet again that Brakes are possibly the most talented, versatile and (frankly) enjoyable band to slip under the general public’s musical radar.

Brakes – Touchdown

Unlike lots of his contemporaries, Hamilton’s songs also have something to say, they have depth, emotional content and balance. And you can sing along, think of that…

Haldern 2007

Alex White's spot of bother with the mic late on was somehow in keeping with the rock n roll nature of the set. At least it allowed Tom to do his Madchester Ian Brown monkey-man impression. 



Haldern Festival 2-4/08/07


High Jinks in Lowlands; Incendiary go on the road with Brakes (part two)

maybe it was the prospect of being forcibly snogged on our entrance by someone who seemed, in our befuddled state, to be Rodney Marsh in a dress

High Jinks in Lowlands; Incendiary go on the road with Brakes 8 - 11/03/07

Half an hour later and he was at our table telling us the same thing again before having a conversation with the door handle. Nothing like a babbling skinhead to sober you up before bedtime…

Brakes - The Beatific Visions


 Well, rest assured, this is a great record. I don't think it's their best offering, but, thankfully, their best is yet to come and not behind them as I had half feared.


Brakes - Proud in Stroud


Editors & Brakes: An Incendiary road trip - Tivoli, Utrecht - 13/02/2006 & Effen

Utrecht and Eindhoven. Editors and Brakes. 2 cities. 2 venues. 2 bands. 2 reviews. Read on.

London Calling - Paradiso, Amsterdam - 4&5/11/05

I found myself casting my mind back to 1981, when, asked by my form teacher to put on a show for a class assembly, my friends and I decided to imitate the Human League. We did it in front of our class and it was fairly well received.

Brakes - Rotown 3/11/05

Tom White's guitar takes enormous liberties and slides around in some tracks, especially All Night Disco Party.

Richard's Metropolis Review

Tom White joined us (replete with a pink silk scarf) and proceeded to taste the afore-mentioned liqueur with gusto and some abandon; eventually finding sanctuary on the verdant greensward.

Brakes - Paradiso, Amsterdam - 2/07/05

There is an inherent giddyness in their songs which bursts through on-stage, surprising quite a few of the audience who doubtless expect every new band to sound like Joy Division.

Metropolis Festival - Zuiderpark, Rotterdam - 3/07/2005

Booze, bands and a frisbee. What more do you need?

Brakes - Give Blood

Give Blood in some ways is so simple it doesn't need all the other baggage. To mis-quote Mr Clinton, it's the songs, stupid. And these songs are incredibly strong.

Incendiary interview Brakes

The story goes that on our rider we ask for four baby pigs dressed in racing jackets, so we can race them… But I think we could update it for four gerbils…

A marvellous time had by all; Metropolis 2005

Metropolis; a festival where a drummer who shall not be named said that his favourite rodent was a cat........ Hmm...

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