Coco Rosie

Incendiary interview Coco Rosie round the kitchen table

And even for me as a woman, I take for granted all the freedoms I have and it’s hard for me to, you know, to realise that that is happening today, and our world is very archaic and NOT updated!

Coco Rosie – Grey Oceans

Grey Oceans is a very melancholy record indeed, though there are flashes of abandon and fun.

Incendiary interview CoCoRosie

there were times during my “mini-trial” when I was left wondering if there really was an actual material, structural difference between CoCo Rosie’s world and ours

CoCoRosie - The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn

The production gives this release a real kick into the stratosphere. It exemplifies the sound of a band ready to meet the general public head on.

CoCoRosie - 3voor12 Studios Amsterdam 22/02/07

Someone is letting extra people in… Or maybe it's the usual story that 3voor12 couldn't organise the veritable piss up in a brewery at Desmets studios

Incendiary spend some down-time with CoCoRosie

For years I tried to make my writing more contemporary, but really my natural style is in a much older language and dealing with nature and not dealing with modern objects and things…

Motel Mozaique Rotterdam 14-15/4/06

"And finally, finally, get fucking RID of Giel Beelen as an on-stage presenter. His introduction to Be Your Own Pet was smug, patronising, ever so slightly sexist and idiotic, in that he had no idea who they were. "

Incendiary interview CoCo Rosie

We use tea in a very naughty way. We get so high on tea. We get so fucked up on tea. We go in there (the tea shop) and just start screaming.

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