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Incendiary go to Incubate - Sunday 20/9/15

On reflection I’d say that the day in Dudok was probably the closest you’d get to feeling the actual spirit that drives the real, workaday Dutch underground.

The Ex, Fendika, WORM, Rotterdam 10/7/15

WORM had filled up nicely with a mix of Ethiopians, trendies, part time punks and Roffa dossers, existentialists, and the odd emissary from the world music chin-stroker club.

The Ex, WOLVON, Gebr de Nobel, Leiden, 5/3/15

The gig was so good that by the end they were roared back for more. Punks? Encore? Yep. This is Leiden, anything goes.

Incendiary 2014 round up

In fact some of the best things out in NL this year were the collaborations (DNMF top of the pile by a mile) and the reissues.

The Ex Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam, 01-03-2014

They are, in the truest sense of the word, exceptional.

And so was this whole evening.

The Ex Festival - Tivoli Utrecht, 2/3/14

I want Han Bennink to do that daft thump with his foot, or shout “yeah” every time I brew up. I want to know where to buy trousers like Han Bennink’s trousers. I’m obsessed.

The Ex Festival, Paard van Troje, Den Haag 28/2/14

Could the Paard confound Terrie’s recent comments made in the Dutch press about playing soulless new pop venues?

Incendiary Goes to Eurosonic 2014

Now if that sounds like some sort of incantational nonsense on my behalf, then all I say to you is, run with it, motherfuckers! This review of The Ex can be nothing if NOT fucking mystical and magical

An introduction toTerp Records

Azmari songs are primarily aired at celebrations such as weddings, and on the whole this seems to infuse the music with a bubbly, positivist air. The lyrics can get naughty, or sound slightly surreal to Western ears, but it’s all part of the fun.

Cultuur? Barbaaar! - Qbus and Vrijplaats, Leiden 30/08/13

Somehow this C?B! thing could be a runner. Nature and Nurture, Prospero and Caliban, Bitter and Mild, or even a cherry in your spritzer. Let’s see what next year throws up.

The Ex and Brass Unbound – Enormous Door

There are two truly great things about this release: one is the spacey quality of the music. The other is its incredible patience. This is a powerful, slow moving beast, not looking to push you around.

Andy Moor and Anne-James Chaton – Transfer

To say that it’s interesting and often inspiring is a bit of an understatement: it’s not an easy listen but it’s a hypnotic one and one that you can easily get into the habit of listening to, especially if you need something a bit offbeat to tune into.

Incendiary interview Andy Moor of The Ex

To be honest I don’t know that enough about the Dutch scene. We don’t seem to be part of it, we don’t get invited into it, I don’t even know how they see us, whether they see us as an old Dutch punk band..

The Ex – Catch My Shoe

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