Issue 71

British Sea Power – Valhalla Dancehall

Small Black – New Chain

Surf City – Kudos

Loden – Buggy

Le Guess Who festival Utrecht 24-28/11/10

Pop Campaign - Herzlich Willkommen!

An interesting single, Herzlich Willkommen / Schadenfreunde, is brought to our attention courtesy of Pop Campaign, a duo who flit between Glasgow & Berlin.

Incendiary speak to Moon Visionaries

Godspunk Volume 9

Jon Savage Presents – Black Hole

Humanfly – Darker Later

Her Name is Calla – The Quiet Lamb

Kelley Stoltz – To Dreamers

Deru – Say Goodbye to Useless

The Flowers of Hell – “O”

Inner City Grit Records – Volume 1

KIT – Invocation

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