Suuns + Jerusalem In My Heart

This record steals with ridiculous and riotous abandon, and does so brilliantly.

Haldern Pop 2013 Day 1 Thursday 8 August

Anyway, what the bloody hell do you need a smoke machine for at 7pm on a sunny evening in a field in the Nieder Rein? No, me neither.

Incendiary interview SUUNS

This kind of retro thing in music now… we’re all kind of looking back to look forward you know? We do too. It’s kind of always been like that but now it’s really as if the retro thing is the dominant force in new music.

Suuns - Images Du Futur

The good thing about this record is that Suuns have streamlined their sense of space and their inherently tough sound with a feeling of dynamics, with knowledge that less is more; that balancing a set of good tricks is better than going through a whole gamut of clever phrases and poses.

Suuns – Zeroes QC

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