The Rakes

The Rakes – Melkweg, Amsterdam 18 May 2009

The Rakes seem to be getting better with each passing year, which is a scary thought, because they’re a formidable force as it is. A force to be reckoned with.

The Rakes - Klang

Klang is a powerful, focused and extremely confident album

The Rakes - Ten New Messages

There's an underlying sense of menace across the whole album, which is unsettling, but the surface is so enjoyable, so infectious, that you'll just forget about that and start dancing. It's this duality that makes this album so rewarding.



The Rakes – Ten New Messages


In Music We Trust (featuring the Rakes)

a man who resembled Jason King wandered onstage, clutching an acoustic guitar and accompanied by a girl who resembled the star of Der Neue Schulmadchen Report 2 Teil: Was Eltern den Schlaf Raubt

The Rakes - Capture/Release

Filled with more energy, excitement and verve than most of the albums that have been released this year

Another marvellous day with the Rakes

Alan got lost backstage. Incendiary could have been beaten up by De la Soul, but probably weren't (not that they can remember).

The Rakes Progress

"An argument was had with the Rakes driver, a nervous individual who began, in my crazed state, to remind me disgustingly of ex- Radio One dj Peter Powell."

London Calling Day Two, Paradiso, 13/11/2004

The rest of the band had clearly raided mum's drawers and dressed up as (you guessed it), a band.

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