Issue 69

George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic - Paradiso, Amsterdam, July 31st 2010

Michael  Hampton walks on stage, wearing the kind of luminous green sweatshirt normally reserved for stewards at a football stadium. A grey dreadlock falls across his face as he takes off his sunglasses and straps his Fender over his shoulder. He plugs the jack into the guitar, waggles his fingers as if to have a brief warm up, and begins to play. 20 odd minutes later, he looks at his arm as if to say “How long do I have to do this shit for, man?” and brings a very heavy but incredibly psychedelic Maggot Brain style extended opening jam to a close.

Haldern Pop Festival 2010, Day Three, Saturday 14th August

Damian: We have to marvel at the sophisticated level of camping that the average German festivalgoer achieves. Listeners to the Incendiary shedcast will have heard us tell tales of fussball tables, sofas, DJ systems, party tents and even, at one point, a fridge. When these guys go away for a weekend they certainly don’t pack light. Perhaps that explains why the camping area mostly resembled a car park this year. Hundreds of cars all lined up neatly next to one another, extremely well organized and arranged.

Haldern Pop Festival 2010, Day Two, Friday 13th August

Damian: Day two began in the bar. Quite literally, as Gary took to the stage in the Haldern Pop bar, situated in the centre of the village at around One o’clock. Now, playing rock and roll at that time of the day is a problem for most bands, but Gary? Well, what can we say about Gary?

Sleepy Sun, 15/08/10 Melkweg, Amsterdam

First I must confess…

The Album Leaf – A Chorus Of Storytellers

Unicycle Loves You – Mirror, Mirror

Lyapis Trubetskoy – Agitpop

Violet Violet – The Ebony and Ivory EP

The Tambourines – Camera & Tremor

The Morning Benders – Big Echo

Surfer Blood - Astro Coast

Leona Anderson - Music To Suffer By

JJ - jj no.3

Mystery Jets - Serotonin

Gayngs - Relayted

Rox - Memoirs

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