Issue 67

Elk City - House Of Tongues

at least she doesn't warble.

My Luminaries - Order From The Chaos

a real breath of fresh air

Walking Sleep - Measures

Southern Comfort and lemonade.

Blisses B - You Should

a power pop wolf wrapped up in folk musicians’ clothing

The Shills - Sweet Inertia EP

you'll be ready to paint the town red after listening to this.

The Scottish Enlightenment - Pascal EP

as Scottish as Malt Whisky and just as enjoyable.

The Young Republic - Balletesque

impossible to decipher in a single sitting.

I Like Trains / Editors – Heineken Music Hall - 01/05/2010

Now, I don’t often wonder what Editors fans think. Why should I, outside of a vague bafflement as to why they think Editors are actually any good…

Kanipchen Fit, Jelle Buma, Zea, and a bit of Chicks on Speed SUB071 and LVC, Leiden -23/04/10

De Boer stands and delivers his lyrics in a slightly hunched, pained pose; looking for all the world as if someone’s thrown cold water over him

Archie Bronson Outfit (and a little bit of LCD Soundsystem) – Paradiso 04/05/2010

And there you had it, a great band, seemingly at the beginning of something new.

Super Adventure Club – Avoid Zombies

It’s wilfully perverse, and delights in tempo and tonal changes without a second thought.

Space Siren – S/T

singer Gwendolyn gives off a scarily assured air, akin to a Victorian governess scolding her charges.

The Psychedelic Sounds of the Sonic Cathedral

I wonder, excepting the changes in Roky’s voice, if this track is as close a representation of the fabled Elevator’s sound from 65 -66 that we’re ever going to get on record?

Mi Ami – Steal Your Face

Mi Ami can, it seems, confidently occupy their own emotional and intellectual space without any hang ups.

Ikonika – Contact, Love, Want, Hate

Contact, Love, Want, Hate reminds me a lot of the sonic experiments Coldcut did back in the early 90s.

High Places –High Places Vs Mankind

It’s a great record for putting on if you’re feeling dreamy

Malachai – Ugly Side of Love

Its equal parts weird and bloody obvious: like looking through a fisheye lens.

Mark Van Hoen – Where is the Truth

There are other moments where a grander, more mainstream sound is evoked.

The Vermin Poets – Poets of England

Quite why I keep thinking of Oliver Postgate is anyone’s guess.

Dance to the Radio Record Store Day Compilation

I have to say that I was completely taken aback at how good the Rose Eleanor Dougall track is.

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