YCR - Promo Sampler

This promo is like a (doubtless unintentional) Dutch take on those Godspunk compilations from Pumf records in Blackpool (unintentional because I would run naked through the streets of Leiden if anyone says they have all the Pumf compilations in NL)

Yoshimi – Bottelaars en Beesten

The Rommelmarkt feel that Bottelaars en Beesten has is given weight by the fact that this LP is a compilation of tracks that somehow have fallen by the wayside or have been overlooked for other releases.

Subbacultcha's Unofficial Motel Mozaique – Space Siren, Yoshimi, Herrek, Nouveau Vélo 6/4/13

Yoshimi is a four piece fronted by Niek who also plays guitar in agit-prop loons Gul Night Out. This band are nothing like the savage idiocy of Gul tho’, preferring a whimsical, Van Kooten en Bie take on things...

Yoshimi & St. Polaroid, 09/03/10, SUB 071, Leiden

I reckon that I will never watch another artist in my gigging career that uses so many Glockenspiels

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