Vic Du Monte

Incendiary interview Vic du Monte

"Skunk, cos they're not welcome and they always hang around my studio, and just like when you see a snail, you shout “oh fuck, there's a skunk!” If you mess with them, they spray you and then it takes a good five days to get the bloody smell off – you have to take vinegar baths or something. "

Vic du Monte - Persona Non Grata

"As for White Heat, well that is just a jerky ride on grandad's motorbike. It's slightly bug-eyed and strained, but it rocks in a Live at the Witch Trials kinda way."

Vic Du Monte's Idiot Prayer - Prey for the City


Hmm. Mr Du Monte, I fear you are taking your attentions to this lady far too seriously.


Vic Du Monte and Brant Bjork live- LVC Leiden, 21/04/05

"Great, three bands, two of which contain the remnants of the great Kyuss, and one of which is first up, playing the shamefully empty LVC. "



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