Issue 65

Josh Ritter & The Swell Season - Paradiso, Amsterdam 23/02/2010

Focused. Determined. Powerful.

Adam Green vs Midlake - Paradiso, Amsterdam - February 10, 2010

My brain was still with a guy who refused to grow up and I was confronted with a bunch of young men who’d grown up too quickly.

Black to Comm – Alphabet 1968

it’s a beguiling listen and one to stick on if you’re feeling abstract.

Sean Lennon – Rosenerantz and Guildenstern are Undead

Sean Lennon’s release has enough brio and charm to be fully enjoyable as a listen outside of the purpose for which it was created

Do Make Say Think – Other Truths

They still somehow remind me of the Soft Machine

Polar Bear – Peepers

I can’t really reconcile anything Leafcutter John does as alt-jazz

Band Ane – Too and Free

Top LPs. Bit off the wall, mind. You do wonder what else goes on in that hut of hers…

The Humans - s/t

Sadly the whole thing’s over in about 15 minutes… but check them out nonetheless.

Zelienople – Give It Up

Moody, quiet, and beguiling.

Earthling Society – Sci-Fi Hi-Fi

Is this the Moody Blues or what?

Solar Life Raft (DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek)

It’s a mixed bag, as you might expect with a sprawling LP of around 25 tracks.

Jacques Dutronc – S/T

Dutronc knocked out some classic records in the sixties

Thus: Owls - Cardiac Malformations

I could keep rabbiting on about how good this LP is, but I’m going to simply recommend that you listen to it without delay.

Balkan Grooves - Balkan Grooves LP

There isn’t any particular style to the recordings on Balkan Grooves; rather anything that can get people dancing seems to be the principle.

Discorporate Records Sampler – Freedom to Chaos

It seems that Discorporate specialise in bands that like to make a noise

FM Belfast – How To Make Friends

the lyrics are a reflection on the current generation’s obsessions

The Brothers Movement –s/t

the main issue with The Brothers Movement is that what they do on this record has been done so many times before

The Sound of Silence – Three Ambient Albums You Might Have Missed

All different, sometimes challenging listens, but all eminently worth it

Spoelstra, Julie Mittens, The Ex – Baar En Boos Leiden, 18/02 /10

let’s look back with thanks; the place has been a source of genuine musical fun for us

Pantha Du Prince – Black Noise

Get up and dance, motherfuckers!

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