The Fall

Grauzone, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 30/1/15, The Fall

Then MES and Elena shuffled on; buttoned up and carrying their stuff, looking like two daytrippers who were running for the Last of The Summer Wine coach trip to Holmfirth. You just felt this was going to be good.

Le Guess Who? Utrecht, Thursday, 28/11/13

But for most of the crowd, I wonder if they were just here to stare at Mark E Smith. His status is becoming like one of those First World War, “last survivor” veterans they used to inappropriately wheel out at remembrance ceremonies a few decades back.

Before The Fall – 24 Prelapsarian Cuts!

So, to sum up, a great record, beautifully presented with fabulous artwork from Savage Pencil. Just like old times.

Dave Simpson - The Fallen

The Fall - "Could Do Better" - Live in Sheffield

"Well, what can you say about MES? He surveys the crowd like a mistrusting headmaster. He stares out into the distance, looking for troublemakers. Where is Prosser junior? "

A day in the company of Mark E Smith

The usual British in Northern Europe scenario. I couldn't agree with you more Richard. You go and sit in a coffee shop all bloody day, and you know there's a cop van there. Anyway, you getting a drink in or what?

The Fall - Fall Heads Roll

All in all, the best Fall album since, erm, the last one…



The Fall – Fall Heads Roll


The Fall - The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 - 2004

Lloyd Cole's brain and face is made out of cowpat - we all know that and herewith is an instrumental track.


Just what is it about the Fall? Incendiary interviews the Polaroids

The Polaroids sit down with us and talk about The Fall. You'll like it.

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